Sticky Fingers

Somedays I just find drawing harder than others. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m tired, bored or just hard to please but I know I’m not the only person who suffers from these “Creative Off Days”. Today’s Life Drawing session at the Southampton City Art Gallery was just such a day with most of my output from the morning ending up in the recycling bin. I almost gave up and flounced out at lunchtime but the sensible part of my brain urged me to make the most of having a lovely life model in front of me and after a superb veggie lunch at the fabulous Art House I got out the scissors and Pritt Stick and decided to seek solace in collage. A couple of therapeutic hours later time was called and while this depiction of the beautiful Jilly is nowhere near finished, I kinda like it!

"collaged life drawing"

“Jilly”: paper collage

Saturday life drawing, March 2014

This weekend I spent a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday, life drawing at Southampton City Art Gallery.  The usual tutor was unable to be there so we were treated to a day with the lovely and talented Melanie Rose.  A whole spectrum of poses was covered, provided by Jilly our hardworking model, and judging by the atmosphere in the room a very productive day was had by all.



"seated life drawing pose"

45 min pose (unfinished): charcoal on paper 

Putting to use the methods I have been learning at the Real Art Academy, I think I can see a change (hopefully for the better!) in my drawings.

"seated life drawing pose"

60 min pose: pencil on paper

My favourite image from the day has got to be this superimposed set of 90 sec poses of Jilly unfurling from a crouch.  This is destined to become something knitted so watch this space…….

""sequential 90sec life drawing poses"

charcoal on paper





The new sunscreen: another day in the life room

It hit 30 degrees yesterday in sunny Southampton which must have put some of the usual suspects off our monthly SCAG life drawing session as we were significantly depleted in numbers.  However, for those of us who didn’t have any factor 30 sunscreen it provided an alternative way of avoiding looking like a lobster, and helped by the ever patient Brian Reynolds (tutor), and an energetic Pav (model) we had a very productive session.

"life drawing sketches, male model"

The warm up, the longer pose, the shorter pose.

OK so I still need to “loosen up” according to Brian (although still struggling with the concept of being “loose” and “accurate” at the same time but hey ho, I’m sure I’ll get there), but I did come away very excited with the layered warm up sketches.  I can definitely see this inspiring some follow on work, textiles, prints, collage………Watch this space.

Life Drawing 16th June – SCAG

Great day of Life drawing yesterday at Southampton City Art Gallery.  The downside was that our usual tutor, Brian Reynolds, was poorly so couldn’t teach us.  On the plus side the lovely Mel Rose stepped in to keep us all in check, and as usual her infectious enthusiasm for her subject filtered through to the participants and a productive day followed.  We had the beautiful Elise modelling for us who is a joy to draw and I came away with lots of preparatory sketches for a knitted art project which I have planned for the rest of this month.

"seated nude"

charcoal on paper

Life Drawing: developing a style

I am posting this feeling particularly challenged after another life drawing day at Southampton City Art Gallery with hardworking tutor, Brian Reynolds.  Not one for long spurts of concentration, today’s 3 hour pose was always going to be an endurance event for me but little did I realise that I would leave the session feeling both confused and inspired in equal measures.  My first attempt was my usual measured, graphite representation of a human body.

"graphite sketch of supine male nude"

Graphite on cartridge paper


While this looks like a supine male nude, pretty much in proportion, I wasn’t surprised that during the breaks and the usual tour of other delegates work, no one enthused or made comment on it.  On reflection I could see a lack of energy about it, but what to do?  Brian’s suggestion was to use a drawing as a journey, i.e. not just looking at the end result but thinking of it as a map of how I got there.  So, attempt number two:

"graphite sketch of supine male nude"

graphite on paper


I think it has more energy and is definitely a “looser”drawing but sadly, we ran out of time so I didn’t get any feedback on it.  I left with lots to think about…….




Extending a Life Drawing session

Another great Life Drawing session at Southampton City Art Gallery today, led by the lovely Brian Reynolds and modelled by the energetic and dynamic Pav.  I spent the morning sketching, and still excited by my recent visit to the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at Tate Britain, the afternoon translating my work into collage.  One of the sketches and its inspired collage are shown below.  I think I might get the lino and printing ink out next.  Watch this space…..

"seated male nude"

graphite stick sketch on paper

"paper collage of life drawing"

Paper collage on paper

Life Drawing Session

Life has been hectic recently, preparing for two textile exhibitions (watch this space!) so I especially welcomed time out today for a figure drawing workshop at the Southampton City Art Gallery.  Being a little out of practice, it took some time to get my eye in, but the lovely tutor, Brian Reynolds, managed to coach me back into it and I left with a body of work I am looking forward to developing further in stitch, collage and print.

"graphite sketch of female head and shoulders"

graphite sketch"sketch of hands"


“Simple Pleasures”

Just back from a workshop at Southampton City Art Gallery led by talented artist, Abi Kremer, and inspired by the fabulous Philip Schlee exhibition, “Drawn together, drawn apart”.   Still undecided whether to stitch onto this.  Watch this space……

"Weimaraner wriggling on her back"

Happiness is a wriggling Weimaraner.  Ink, pastel and graphite on Khadi paper.