Pooch Portrait, hoighty toighty style

Forced into a major clear out over the past few weeks, I have had to throw away my collection of arty magazines.  This, as some of you will appreciate, has resulted in much distraction leafing through said treasures prior to deciding which should be saved and which should be thrown.  Whilst embarking on this long winded filing process, I came upon a picture of William Larkin’s “Portrait of Lady Anne Clifford” (1618) and inspiration struck!  All I could see in place of the non smiling, slightly smug face gazing at me with unblinking eyes was my Weimaraner’s snooty stare and I just had to pay homage to it with a hoighty toighty, mixed media pooch portrait.

"mixed media Weimaraner portrait"

Portrait of Lady Saskia: stitched water colour and mixed media on cotton rag paper

I now can’t wait to get going on an homage to Cornelis Johnson’s “Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman” (1631) featuring Alf the ridiculous Cocker Spaniel in place of the ginger bearded man in his lace collared jacket.  First things first though, where did I “file” the rest of my vintage lace………..

Portraiture at West Dean College

I am exhausted, enthused and inspired in equal measures following a great course at West Dean college this weekend.  I was really impressed with how our tutor, Andrew Fitchett, managed to cope with a class of 12 people, all with different experiences and objectives, ensuring that each of us got the maximum amount of help and direction.   On Andrew’s suggestion I used charcoal for the first day experimenting with different ways of creating form through tone.  My favourite was this drawing which attempted to divide the subject into dark and light.

"charcoal portrait"

charcoal on paper

On the second day I was persuaded to move into colour and after a quick practice run before coffee break, this was my first proper attempt at a pastel drawing.  It took about 90mins and I think I am encouraged enough by the end result to use colour again!

"pastel portrait"

pastels on paper