I have been criticised by a close friend of mine for only using one of my much loved dogs in my art work.  So, to show there is no favouritism, here’s Nelly.  Again, the magic of “painting” in cross stitch means that the image becomes clearer if you step back from it.

"Jack Russell in cross stitch"

cross stitch in various natural blend yarns on gouache and paper background




Claire in cross stitch

After the drawing workshop at the weekend I came away with some sketches that were begging to be developed in another media.  Loving the subtle tones produced by graphite on paper I was “drawn” to the huge colour palette offered by the embroidery thread department in my local Hobbycraft.  Cross stitch it had to be!  As with some paintings this looks much more exciting if you step back from the screen.

"cross stitch painting"

drawing with cross stitch, embroidery thread on Aida