Knitted Doggy Heads

Nelster 1 low res

“Nelster” textile sculpture (not for sale)

Pickle 2 low res

“Pickle” textile sculpture  SOLD

“Biffa” textile sculpture  SOLD

Pongo 2 low res

“Pongo” textile sculpture  SOLD

4 thoughts on “Knitted Doggy Heads

  1. I love your Biffa Weimaraner. I saw it first in the Rowan newsletter. It attracted my attention immediately as you had captured something of my dog Phoebe. I no longer have dogs as I am recently disabled and couldn’t give them the exercise they need. My Phoebe died 6 years ago, before I was disabled and we had such fun out on our many long walks, the memories often make me smile. If the pattern for Biffa is available for sale I’d love to purchase it!

    • Hi Alison. I am afraid I don’t create patterns for my sculptures. They are all worked from photographs of the original dog and are built up from many layers (usually old sweaters and bits of felt) and stitches to create the unique shape of the head with the external knitted layer (the bit you see) being the final covering at the end of many hours (Biffa took about 70!) of soft sculpture. Thanks for your kind comments and I am so pleased Biffa reminds you of good times with Phoebe.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. I can see from all your work that you are certainly very talented. I could tell at a glance that the snippet in the Rowan newsletter was of a Weimaraner. The photograph you have of your dog on your website was very similar to my dog. She used to lie just like that with all her legs in the air. Would you mind if I printed off the photograph above of Biffa? I’d love to put it up on my picture wall with all my other photographs of my dogs.

  2. One of the reasons I love Weimaraners so much is that they all look the same but different somehow! Please do print a copy of Biffa. I would be honoured if he sat on your picture wall with your beloved pooches 🙂

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