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If you would like any further information on anything you’ve seen in this blog, or would like to buy any of my work or knitting patterns please contact me:

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9 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi Nicky, I was scanning through the pile of magazines in my dentists waiting room and found a knitting magazine! Inside was an article that showed of all things a knitted motorcycle!!! I’ve been trying to tell my other half about it and I reckon he thinks I’ve made it up. Please tell me I’m not going crazy….more to the point have you got a picture to prove I’m not losing it? Val

    • Hi Val. I think you are probably referring to the pink knitted motorcycle created by the very talented Theresa Honeywell. You can find pictures of her work on her website, and if you google pink knitted motorcycle you will also get lots of pictures of the item in question. It is quite magnificant!

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