2014 Ally Pally Adventures (part two)

After a week of catching up on the old routine, I now have some space to sit down at the computer and write part two of my week at the Ally Pally Knit and Stitch Show. As usual there was way too much to take in even for those of us who were there for the entire duration but I did have a few highlights which I wanted to share with you.  All photos shown are taken with permission.

"Renate Keeping's Ripeness and age"

Renate Keeping’s “Ageing” 

This piece of work displayed in the Renate Keeping exhibition, “Ripeness and Age” was a my overall favourite at the show this year.  I found myself making a small detour every morning on arrival just to have another look at this wonderfully moving and poignant depiction of an elderly couple, lovingly created in stitch.

"Jean Bennett's Scapegoat"

Jean Bennett’s “Scapegoat”

In stark contrast, this striking sculpture by Jean Bennet in her “Body Knowing” exhibition also kept drawing me back for another look. In this piece she explores a darker side to human nature and talks about scapegoating as unwanted thoughts and feelings being “unconsciously projected onto another who becomes a scapegoat for one’s own problems”.


And of course no trip to the Knit and Stitch show would be complete without a spot of shopping and I fell in love with this wonderfully soft 100% Italian cashmere from Cashmered.  They also had some lovely Vintage inspired patterns which complemented this 3ply yarn beautifully.  I came away with one 25g ball in this vibrant red (its not quite as pink as the lighting in the photo implies, more pillar box red) in tissue paper which I occasionally unwrap and stroke.  I have started a new piggy bank to save for the rest of the sweater.

I now have a few weeks breathing space before the Harrogate Knit and Stitch Show (20th to 23 November) which if last year is anything to go by will be another great experience.  If you missed London and fancy a trip to a historic spa town in North Yorkshire, I can thoroughly recommend it.  Hopefully see you there.


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