Can a Leopard really change his shorts?

OK so my title is a little misleading but you know how much I like my Terry Pratchett quotes and I have spent a weekend working on spots so it seemed an opportunity too good to miss.  My spotty weekend was the result of a commission I received a few weeks back to create a knitted dalmatian doggy head sculpture and here is the result: “Floss”.

"Knitted Dalmatian dog head sculpture"

“Floss” hand knitted dog head sculpture by Nicky Barfoot

It was challenging but also rewarding working from old photos (you remember, the type that needed developing and you didn’t know what they looked like until you got them back from the Chemist) of a beloved but long departed furry family member (she was born in the 1970s).  I also asked her owner to give me an idea of the doggy personality I was working with and was given a wonderfully moving account of a dog who was part angel and part devil (aren’t they all?).  I hope I have captured some of her endearing and fondly remembered characteristics in this 3’d’ portrait.

And while we are on the subject of dear departed furry souls (in a fondly remembered not sad way I hasten to add!), I have also recently finished my second Weimaraner (remember I mentioned in a previous post that there was unfinished business here?).  This is a representation of my old male Weimie, Biffa who was my constant companion for nearly 14 years, the most laid back alpha male you were likely to come across (apart from my husband that is!).

"Weimaraner knitted dog head sculpture"

“Biffa” hand knitted 3 ‘d’ doggy portrait by Nicky Barfoot

As usual with Weimaraners the challenge (and the fun bit) is trying to represent a dog which is described as grey but is actually a mixture of brown, green and purple. While this colouring is perfect camouflage for the New Forest, it isn’t easy to find in a knitting basket!

If you fancy seeing Biffa in the knitted fur so to speak, I will be exhibiting him, along with Pongo and Pickle at the Ally Pally and Harrogate Knit and Stitch shows as I have once again been selected as a finalist in the UKHKA UK Knitted Textiles Awards (Yay!) Do come find me and introduce yourself if you are coming to either show.  I look forward to meeting you.