New doggy doodle for sale: “Bff”

Faced with a wet and gloomy Bank Holiday Monday and confined to the house to supervise an injured but still hyperactive Weimaraner, I have just finished a new doggy doodle.  Hand stitched on painted calico and cotton rag paper, and decorated with vintage lace, the theme and colour scheme is unashamedly girlie.  This unframed piece is for sale (£39 including UK postage) and measures 29 by 23.5cm.  Please E mail me if you are interested.

"hand stitched doggy doodle by Nicky Barfoot"

“Bff”: hand stitched doggy doodle on painted calico and cotton rag, decorated with vintage lace

Sticky Fingers

Somedays I just find drawing harder than others. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m tired, bored or just hard to please but I know I’m not the only person who suffers from these “Creative Off Days”. Today’s Life Drawing session at the Southampton City Art Gallery was just such a day with most of my output from the morning ending up in the recycling bin. I almost gave up and flounced out at lunchtime but the sensible part of my brain urged me to make the most of having a lovely life model in front of me and after a superb veggie lunch at the fabulous Art House I got out the scissors and Pritt Stick and decided to seek solace in collage. A couple of therapeutic hours later time was called and while this depiction of the beautiful Jilly is nowhere near finished, I kinda like it!

"collaged life drawing"

“Jilly”: paper collage

Mab, Faery or Alien?

Over the past year I have been obsessively making (quite literally!) my way through the fabulous and witty Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher on audiobook (what a discovery Audible was, a way of “reading” a book and knitting, all at the same time!).  I recently finished number 15, narrated by the silky smooth James Marsters, (he of Spike fame for those Buffy and Angel fans amongst you) and am hoping Mr Butcher gets a move on with the next instalment as Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s only wizard still has plenty of evil supernatural beings to battle in his efforts to save Chicago and the human race.  Long time readers of my blog may also remember that I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan, another talented author who’s stories use an entertaining collage of myth, faery tale and science fiction, to make a light hearted observation of current affairs.

I thought this was an Arty Blog I hear you say, not a book review!  Fear not, there is an art connection so please indulge me a little further.  Whilst in Butcher’s series, Mab the queen of the faeries is a traditionally beautiful and sadistic human-like being with super powers who regularly visits Earth to manipulate Harry into fighting her cause, Pratchett’s new Long Earth Series written in collaboration with Stephen Baxter, explains the myth of supernatural beings as dimension travelling humanoids who step between parallel worlds.  I particularly like this idea of aliens and faeries possibly being one and the same thing and from this my latest textile piece, “Mab” was born, inspired by one of the mono prints from the recent Life printing day.

"woven tapestry"

“Mab” by Nicky Barfoot. Woven tapestry, wool and metallic polyester thread mounted on linen.