Doggy Doodles 1: Gaspode and Fifi

Last weekend marked my 10th and final short course in the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at West Dean College.  My original reason for embarking on the FDAD journey was to further my skills in the Fine Art disciplines, primarily drawing and printmaking, with the aim of using these to inform my textile work.  For the final three courses however I decided that I would give in to my true nature, choosing them from the mouthwatering textile section of the short course brochure with the final one being a hand embroidery course with RSN tutor Shelley Cox.

The structure of the course was tutorial based.  Everyone was encouraged to bring their own project with the aim of using Shelley’s vast expertise to further our progress and stitching skills. I had decided that this weekend would be the ultimate in indulgence.  Not only would I use a felt pen doodle of dogs as my inspiration, momentarily leaving aside the serious “artiness” of Life Drawing, I was also going to throw myself into colour.  The result of these three wonderfully meditative days is “Gaspode and Fifi” the first of a series of embroidered Doggy Doodles.  I smiled all the way through stitching these guys and I loved the way that they induced a similar reaction from everyone who walked past during their construction.

"hand embroidered doggy doodle"

Gaspode and Fifi, hand embroidered doodle on calico

I kept as true to the original drawing as I could finding that embroidery stitches translated very well into doodle patterns.  I love the way this turned out and can’t wait to get on with Doggy Doodle 2: Boris, which is currently on the hoop impatiently waiting his turn on my to do list.



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