Weimaraner’s noses are longer than you think!

It took a few weeks for my bloodied fingers to heal after my initial adventures into textile taxidermy with my Jack Russell head.  However, once the skin had calloused over it was time to start again, this time with Sas my Weimaraner, as model.  The first challenge was to source appropriate colours.  She is sort of pinky, greeny, silvery, purpley, grey, a colour not stocked by many yarn and fabric stores.  After some disastrous attempts at beetroot dyeing (the water went a lovely colour and the kitchen got good and steamy but not a lot stayed in the fabrics) I remembered a Rowan Kidsilk Haze sweater that I made a few years back and rarely wear.  While way too fluffy for Weimaraner hair (they are actually quite silky and greasy) it was at least a reasonable colour match so would have to do.

"Lengthening the nose and ears turns a Staffy into a Weimaraner"

Lengthening the nose and ears turns a Staffy into a Weimaraner


Bemused that my first attempts ended up looking like a Staffy I took a tape measure to a wriggling model to find out that Weimaraner noses are much longer than I thought.  Luckily I have no shortage of felted knitwear and was able to create a nose extension and Sas began to appear before me, particularly after I found a couple of buttons which colour matched the trademark Weimaraner spooky eyes.

"Textile Weimaraner Head by Nicky Barfoot"

Textile Weimaraner Head by Nicky Barfoot

The end result is a pleasing caricature of Sas.  While way too fluffy (but that could also be a statement of her character as she has often been labelled “blonde”), I think I have captured her permanently surprised (the Husband calls it gormless) expression rather well.  However, there is no doubt that this is Sas version 1.  Once I have found a merino/silk blend yarn in the appropriate colour and have worked out how to do the complicated folds and pleats that make up a Weimaraner ear, Sas version 2 will be born.

"Weimaraner and textile scuplture"

The model views the sculpture

The model was a bit non plussed when she saw the finished likeness but she also didn’t think it was a toy.  Hopefully that means I won’t find Sas Version 1 disembowelled on the lounge floor at some later date.



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