Painting with Charcoal

After another challenging session at the Real Art Academy today, I think I might have reached a new stage in my resolution to get to grips with the craft of drawing.  Our ever  patient tutor, Martin, refers to charcoal as a painting medium and I think I might finally understand what he means.  The last two sessions I have had there I have been trying to break the habit of a lifetime making a conscious effort not to draw any lines and throwing myself straight into the shadow shapes once I have the proportion points on board.

"Charcoal drawing of hooded female cast"

Charcoal drawing of hooded female cast

This was the drawing from my March session, unfinished despite allowing myself three hours on it.

"charcoal drawing of a female cast"

Charcoal drawing of a female cast

And this is today’s drawing, and yes unusually for me it is pretty much finished (although I did have a whole morning and three warm ups practising it!).  Hoping this aha moment is a turning point in my drawing journey.  I guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks……


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