A Tudor Felting Adventure

The lovely Emma Vining posted a flyer on her blog a month or so back advertising a Knitted Tudor Merchant’s Hat workshop at the London College of Fashion run by the Knitting History Forum.  Emma had told me about the forum before and interested to learn more about it and always up for a day of knitting, last Saturday I packed up my 7mm circular needles and set out for the Big Smoke.

The workshop was led by the charismatic Gary Hayton, a man of many talents including lecturing/teaching on sound design and editing, and writing knitting patterns.  The idea for the workshop came from Gary’s involvement with designing and creating knitted accessories for Shakespearean productions by the Brownsea Open Air Theatre and resulted in a fun and relaxing day for a group of knitting enthusiasts recreating their very own Tudor hats whilst learning a little about the latest developments in film and TV sound production!

"Tudor Merchant's Hat: before felting"

Knitted in the round using 3 ends of 2/11nm Shetland wool (JC Rennie Supersoft yarn)


"Tudor Merchant Knitted hat: after felting"

The felted version, modelled by a 21st Century Merchant 

OK so I might not be wearing this out on a regular basis (although the husband seemed quite taken by it as you can see in the photo, probably because it took him back to his days as a child actor!), it might make a good pot holder.  It has also prompted me to revisit the technique of felting knitted fabric to create form ahead of a textile/soft sculpture workshop which I am attending in the very near future (more about this in a week or so).  I have also properly fallen in love with JC Rennie’s yarn!

"Knitted circular lace before felting"

Hand knitted lace before felting


"Knitted circular lace after felting"

The same piece of knitted lace after felting in the washing machine




8 thoughts on “A Tudor Felting Adventure

  1. The cap looks great, Nicky and your model looks especially fetching in it! I like your next felting experiment too and agree with you about the gorgeous JC Rennie yarn. Looking forward to hearing all about the textile/ soft sculpture workshop.

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