This little Piggy……

So the focus of last Saturday for me at the Real Art Academy was feet, or more accurately, a foot.  The morning poses weren’t too bad as I was looking at back/side views.

"Charcoal drawing of a foot"

90mins, charcoal on paper

But after lunch toes were introduced and the challenge was really thrown down!

Charcoal drawing of a foot"

Those pesky toes! 120mins charcoal on paper.

It took me some time and numerous attempts to get the proportions on the toes and while it still isn’t quite right (I gave up in the end after two  hours for fear that my proportion measuring squint was starting to be permanent), looking at it a few days later at least it looks like a foot.

And talking of pigs, (a seamless link for these otherwise unrelated events dontcha think?) the original art work for my Grimm themed printed illustrations can be seen (and purchased!) at this exhibition at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester this month. Do go along if you are in the area as I am sure it will be an interesting and eclectic mixture of work.

"Oxmarket printmakers exhibition"

Should be well worth a visit if you are in the area



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