Interviews, Exhibitions and Birthday Roses……

This month’s “Knitting” magazine (issue 126) has a lovely write up of the 2013 Knitted Textile Awards, including interviews with all the winners in both categories (including yours truly). Being a bonus issue it also has lots of tempting Spring/Summer patterns in it (I have just started on my second make!) so definitely worth buying.

 Nicky Barfoot Magazine Interviews Feb 2014"

2013 Knitted Textile Awards in issue 126 of Knitting and Nicky Barfoot interview in issue 96 of Knit Today

Nicky Barfoot is also featured in the “Last Word” interview in the current issue (96) of Knit Today, something that my Dad will find especially entertaining as he has always pointed out that I have a tendency to that particular characteristic!

So now to exhibitions and I am excited to say that my work is featured in “Out of the Blue” at Rum’s Eg Gallery in Romsey this month.  Four of my knitted “paintings” are on display: “Frankie in Blue”, “Frankie in Ink”, “Frankie”, and “Manu Propria”, as well as three of my hand knitted cushions.  As usual the gallery is packed full of beautiful things, all hand crafted by local talent in a welcoming environment with a good coffee shop on the first floor.  If you are local I strongly recommend you pay it a visit.

"Flyer for Rum's Eg Out of the Blue Exhibition"

“Out of the Blue” at Rum’s Eg, Romsey, Hampshire

And finally to birthdays.  I currently have a house full of wonderful sweet smelling flowers as consolation for being another year older.  These roses were from the long suffering husband.  Nothing does red quite so well!



4 thoughts on “Interviews, Exhibitions and Birthday Roses……

  1. Wow, congratulations on several fronts. I would love, love, love to come and see Out Of The Blue, because the images you’ve posted just look stunning. My sat-nav reckons I could do it in an hour and a quarter. Very tempted…

    • The exhibition does look great and the cake in the coffee shop is yummy just to tempt you further. Romsey is also an interesting historic town with a wool heritage (it was its major source of income in the Middle Ages). If you are persuaded do let me know what you think. The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday.

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