Saturday life drawing, March 2014

This weekend I spent a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday, life drawing at Southampton City Art Gallery.  The usual tutor was unable to be there so we were treated to a day with the lovely and talented Melanie Rose.  A whole spectrum of poses was covered, provided by Jilly our hardworking model, and judging by the atmosphere in the room a very productive day was had by all.



"seated life drawing pose"

45 min pose (unfinished): charcoal on paper 

Putting to use the methods I have been learning at the Real Art Academy, I think I can see a change (hopefully for the better!) in my drawings.

"seated life drawing pose"

60 min pose: pencil on paper

My favourite image from the day has got to be this superimposed set of 90 sec poses of Jilly unfurling from a crouch.  This is destined to become something knitted so watch this space…….

""sequential 90sec life drawing poses"

charcoal on paper






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