Learning the Craft of Drawing

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I would like to join her on a Classical Drawing experience day at the Real Art Academy in Boscombe.  We had a fantastic time and I was so excited by their approach to teaching that I joined up on the spot.  I have now completed three of my eleven, three hour sessions on their introductory drawing and painting course.  Based on an Atelier approach and taught by the wonderfully enthusiastic Martin, I can see the improvement in my drawing already.  Better still, the mix of experience in the studio at any one session helps you to see what you are aspiring to without leaving you feeling like you are the only one in the room who can’t do it!

"charcoal drawing of female bust"

Charcoal drawing number 1, my first session



"charcoal drawing"

Charcoal drawing number 3, my third session

So, three sessions in I am confident that with Martin’s great teaching style and encouraged by the camaraderie of the Academy, 2014 is going to be the year that I finally get to grips with the “Craft” of drawing!  Watch this space…….




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