Holiday Knitting

I love Christmas!  Not for the presents, food or family time (although they are an added bonus) but for the guilt free hours of knitting that time off the day job and poor weather allow.  A whole day in the armchair with an audio book for company (I am half way through Jim Butcher’s witty Dresden Files series, read by the silky smooth James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy) is my idea of Heaven and I must admit to having indulged in a few of these recently.  The result of these extreme knitting days has been a series of colourful cushions using up some of my Mum’s stash which I dutifully relieved her of on Christmas Eve (having mistimed the project which I had taken with me to my parents house for the holidays).  The colours reminded me of the pretty cushions that my Nanna used to have in her bedroom and inspired the feminine and vintage feel to the series.  So with just the backs to go, here is a taster of the patterns and colour schemes.  Pretty eh?

"Nicky Barfoot cushions, work in progress"

Hand knitted cushion fronts in Sublime baby cashmere merino silk, and merino wool


Pink Poodles

I have just put the finishing touches to a new cushion.  Pink Poodles is hand knitted in a mixture of luxury yarns including cotton and bamboo wool blends, and linen.  Available to buy in my shop it would make a perfect Christmas present for a doggy person.  Tres Chic?

"Nicky Barfoot pink poodle cushion"

Hand knitted cushion in luxury yarns, including cotton, bamboo, wool and linen.