Rum’s Eg goes Wild and Woolly

I am lucky enough to be part of this lovely exhibition at Rum’s Eg Gallery in Romsey, Hampshire.  The Gallery has been open nearly a year now and is going from strength to strength featuring a wonderful range of affordable art and craft by local makers.  The Artist’s Private View was last night and was a thoroughly enjoyable event with plenty of wine and nibbles and lots of purchases being made.

0001MQI have three pieces of work in this exhibition, my two remaining Boys Knit Too pictures and a new piece called Chanteloup.  Some of the walls in the gallery have been left as brick which creates a lovely contrast to textiles and I am always amazed at how my humble artwork is transformed once it is framed and hung in a professional space. The exhibition is on throughout the Christmas period so I am sure it will prove to be a great success for Rum’s Eg and the local artistic community.

"Nicky Barfoot Boys Knit Too"



2 thoughts on “Rum’s Eg goes Wild and Woolly

  1. Wish I could see this in the ‘wool’ … it makes me want to reach out and feel the texture. Are you getting problems with people feeling your work?

  2. The temptation to touch knitted art is sooo great, I did have to ask lots of lovely ladies at Ally Pally to put their hands back in their pockets. I have resorted to “please do not touch” signs at Harrogate as while wool is pretty hardy it does look a bit mauled after thousands of hands have explored its construction. The work at Rums Eg is framed so at least it isn’t a problem there 🙂

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