Knitter’s Chicklit

She didn’t remember the drive home.  Her face flushed and her hand shook as she turned the key in the door.  “Anyone home?” she breathed as she stepped across the threshold.  The welcome silence followed her as she ran up the stairs and into her room, throwing her bags onto the rumpled bed.  Quickly she found the one she wanted: a long, narrow, brown paper bag ensuring anonymity for the package therein.  With a trembling hand she removed the contents, stroking their velvety softness with awe, and running an anticipatory finger along the smooth, slightly warm shaft.  After only a few minutes she knew.  This was her future!

"carbon fibre knitting needles"

You gotta try these!

 Carbon fibre knitting needles ladies, (and gents!).  Knitting has never felt sooo good 🙂



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