The new sunscreen: another day in the life room

It hit 30 degrees yesterday in sunny Southampton which must have put some of the usual suspects off our monthly SCAG life drawing session as we were significantly depleted in numbers.  However, for those of us who didn’t have any factor 30 sunscreen it provided an alternative way of avoiding looking like a lobster, and helped by the ever patient Brian Reynolds (tutor), and an energetic Pav (model) we had a very productive session.

"life drawing sketches, male model"

The warm up, the longer pose, the shorter pose.

OK so I still need to “loosen up” according to Brian (although still struggling with the concept of being “loose” and “accurate” at the same time but hey ho, I’m sure I’ll get there), but I did come away very excited with the layered warm up sketches.  I can definitely see this inspiring some follow on work, textiles, prints, collage………Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “The new sunscreen: another day in the life room

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you make of those warn-up sketches, I really like the overlapping drawings. The other two are equally impressive.
    When you find out what ‘loosen up ‘ means could you let me know?!

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