A Quilty Secret

A month or so back I had the great idea of entering a quilt into the 2013 Festival of Quilts despite never having made one before.  I cobbled together my effort and entered on line, and after checking carefully the requirements for each category I opted for the “Contemporary” competition as sadly I was excluded from the more appropriate “My First Quilt” on the basis of having a qualification in Textiles.  A few weeks after entering I got my labels and a printed version of the rules of entry in the post only to note that disastrously there is a minimum dimension requirement and my quilt is 30cm too short!

So, after a bit of swearing, a lot of unpicking, a couple of trips to Hobbycraft, a near sewing machine catastrophe (it just wasn’t Man enough for the job!) and a midnight finish yesterday, version 2 was posted this morning, just in time for the deadline of tomorrow.  Phew!  Despite it’s many technical shortcomings, I am rather pleased with the result, particularly the texture contrast between the knitted and the cotton fabrics, and I am glad I made the effort to do it again (it was touch and go as you can imagine!).  The Husband has even marked out a space on the living room wall for it when it arrives back after the exhibition.

"knitted and fabric quilt"

knitted applique on a knitted and cotton patchwork quilt, hand and machine stitch

Tempus Fugit

On a recent West Dean College course we were tasked with considering a subject that was of current personal concern or relevance and were sent into the grounds to gather natural debris that could metaphorically illustrate this topic.  This collage of drawings, magazine tear sheets and digital manipulations was the result of my explorations.

"Tempus Fugit"

Paper collage

The new sunscreen: another day in the life room

It hit 30 degrees yesterday in sunny Southampton which must have put some of the usual suspects off our monthly SCAG life drawing session as we were significantly depleted in numbers.  However, for those of us who didn’t have any factor 30 sunscreen it provided an alternative way of avoiding looking like a lobster, and helped by the ever patient Brian Reynolds (tutor), and an energetic Pav (model) we had a very productive session.

"life drawing sketches, male model"

The warm up, the longer pose, the shorter pose.

OK so I still need to “loosen up” according to Brian (although still struggling with the concept of being “loose” and “accurate” at the same time but hey ho, I’m sure I’ll get there), but I did come away very excited with the layered warm up sketches.  I can definitely see this inspiring some follow on work, textiles, prints, collage………Watch this space.

Summer Knitting

Wow, Summer has definitely arrived in this part of the World as demonstrated by Sas the Sun Worshipper.


While I am not a sit in the garden knitter, I also don’t let the heat put me off production, and instead I use it as an opportunity to put down the wool and alpaca for a few months in order to experiment with some of the lovely summer blend yarns on offer.  Rowan Summer Tweed has to be one of my favourites and I was lucky enough this month to get a Kaffe Fassett design to knit up for Rowan in this fabulous yarn.  In typical Mr Fassett style, the design has a huge number of colour changes and while I can’t give too much away, (you’ll have to wait until Rowan publish the pattern to see it in it’s full glory) here is a glimpse of the back showing how I will be spending a few hours today (sewing in intarsia ends has to be my least favourite knitting  job!).

"Wrong side of a Kaffe Fassett design in Rowan Summer Tweed"

Ends, ends and more ends……….