Scaling Up a Cone

Another drawing day at West Dean College today with Frances Hatch setting the task.  This was a follow up to Going Large a few weeks back, the aim being more scaling up, this time of natural debris picked up during one of Frances’ dog walks.  It’s amazing what a magnifying glass and considered drawing shows up in terms of structure of plants.  Hairy buttercups for a start!  I picked a cone as my study and spent a fascinating day drawing various views.

"scaled up pictures of a cone"

Cone structure and sketches

"charcoal drawing of a cone"

charcoal on paper



2 thoughts on “Scaling Up a Cone

  1. More lovely work Nicky, I particularly like the one on the creamy coloured paper – there’s so much depth and movement in it. A lot of work for one day!

  2. Thanks Viv, it was a productive day. Although a big fan of Paul Morrison’s work, I haven’t really done much scaling up before these two drawing days and I have got to say it has become quite addictive. I see a mural or wallpaper in my future…..

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