Vintage Textures

I have been having great fun recently working through “Practical Family Knitting Illustrated”, a wonderful book of knitting patterns from 1947, experimenting with the different textures featured therein.  It has proved to be somewhat challenging attempting to interpret the patterns using my modern day knitting language.  A certain amount of knowledge and knitting sense is assumed by the authors, but that is part of the fun, not quite knowing how things will turn out.  I particularly like the fitted nature of the garments, and the use of stitch patterns and needle size to create shaping.  Below is an example of some of my favourite stitch patterns so far, sampled in modern day yarns.  As the brighter weather has arrived perhaps now is the time to look at the knitted swimsuit section!

"knitted vintage stitch patterns"

Pods, boxes and holes


4 thoughts on “Vintage Textures

  1. There is one major problem with knitted swimwear. Wet wool stretches. Believe me, I know. Fortunately I was about five at the time.

  2. There’s a story in our family of Mum knitting a pair of swimming trunks for Dad…. I think he only wore them once. :0) Wonderful stitches, I love the blue (pods?) in the background. I’m thinking knitted patchwork made up of sample stitches…

    • One has to feel sorry for the man in the life of a knitter, what they have to go through (wear)! The pods are from a pattern entitled “Enchanting little bolero”, which I plan to make in its entirety once I’ve found a suitable yarn. And yes, I’ve done a blanket of sample stitches in the past – it’s sooo addictive 🙂

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