Going Large

I have just arrived back from a West Dean Foundation Diploma drawing day, set by tutor and super-talented artist, Frances Hatch.  The theme was scaling up, something I don’t find easy and wouldn’t do out of choice (being a big fan of A4 sketchbooks and scanners).   It took me all day to complete this graphite drawing and the concentration required quite wore me out.  Interestingly it was pointed out to me at the closing review how the end product resembles knitting!

"scaled up drawing of a chain"

graphite on paper drawing of a segment of a metal bracelet


3 thoughts on “Going Large

  1. Lovely drawing, I still can’t believe how you just ‘went big’ straight off the bat! I think there is something endlessly fascinating about chains, links and loops and something magical about the way two needles (or even one with the dreaded crochet..) can transform a strand of wool …

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